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Removal of Complaints

Reputation can introduce you to the best. Removal of complaints , improved reputation, mass recognition, removal of negative comments, improved authority!

Removal of Complaints.

Do you want to create a better image for your brand? Are you tired of seeing that your competitors have a better image than you? Worry less, you are at the right place. Our Online Reputation Management services will improve your business authority and create the most professional image for your brand online.

We will take care of all the reviews and complaints that your website receives from customers. The first things people see when they visit a site are reviews and reputation, that’s why we’ll make sure they see a lot of positivity when visiting your website or GMB. Reputation management is important because it can also affect your internet traffic, business revenue and sales.

Heqja e Ankesave . Removal of Complaints , Reputazione online

It is very important that your website appears and is very positive in the eyes of your visitors. If your online reputation is much better than your competition, then it doesn’t matter if you are a small business, people will trust your services more because you seem trustworthy to them. And trust and professionalism are what people are looking for most online these days.

It has been confirmed that more than 50% of experts consider Online Reputation Management very important for the improvement of their company. Most businesses monitor their reviews and reputation very often, almost daily.

Being in the business of selling ORM (MRO) products or services online is what will bring you the success you want. People nowadays research online before they buy anything and if your website stays at the top of trusted sites then sales, traffic and revenue will increase like never before.

online reputation , Rimozione dei reclami

Expand your stores

One of the most impactful results of professional online review management is that it expands your unique selling points. By gaining authentic reviews as well as feedback from your customers, you are demonstrating the value of your business to the market.
Feedback from your customers also allows you to correct weaknesses in your services or products. If you provide HVAC services, for example, and customers quote technicians overstaying their appointment times, you can work to resolve the issue.

This results in an improvement in your services – and this is something that customers notice.
In addition to the value of your business, another unique selling point is your Net Promotion Score (NPS). At Digitaldev.al, our online reputation management services include customer surveys to generate qualitative results, which measure the potential amount of customers to recommend you to other similar audiences.

Improve your SEO strategy

In today’s digital world, it is essential to have an online presence. Whether you are a brick and mortar business or an e-commerce store, people use the Internet to research, find and compare companies. In fact, 80% of users search for products and services online.
That’s why it’s critical to build an online presence, as well as grow it – that’s why more companies are investing in search engine optimization (SEO). What is SEO? It’s an umbrella of strategies that improve your ranking in organic search results.

online reputation , Rimozione dei reclami

Whenever you search for something, whether it’s the latest iPhone or the latest shipping regulations, you’re presented with a list of paid search results and organic search results. While you can invest in paid search or pay-per-click (CPC) advertising, it’s essential to have an SEO strategy as well.
By earning a place on the first page of search results, you are giving your website priority to users. This type of positioning offers great value, as 75% of users do not go past the first page of search results. Plus, unlike PPC, you’re not paying for that position.
That’s not to say that PPC doesn’t offer value – it does. In fact, SEO and PPC work together in marketing for more successful results.

online reputation , Rimozione dei reclami

Build a quality social marketing

With 74% of users relying on social media for advice regarding their purchasing decisions, it is surprising that only 26% of companies use social media in their business strategy. This means that many businesses – including your competitors – are missing out on the benefits of social media.

Some of the benefits that come with a social media presence include:

  • Connect with your existing customers
  • Reach your target audience
  • Engage with current and prospective customers
  • Share company updates, blog posts and more

At Digitaldev.al, our team of social media specialists maximizes those benefits for your company. We also integrate them into our online review management services. When we receive a testimonial from one of your customers, we invite them to share that experience on one of your favorite social media sites.

Some examples of pages we can direct include:

  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Indeed
  • GlassDoor etc.

Grow your brand

Another reason to invest in online reputation management? Increasing the image of your brand.

In today’s competitive market, it’s a huge challenge to build brand image – which is essential if you want to gain an industry-leading audience. It is critical that the brand attention you gain is well managed, however, positive rather than negative.

With our online review management services, we can help your company increase its brand awareness. By reaching out to past and present customers, your business earns positive reviews across multiple channels, from social media to your website.

In response, potential buyers who visit your website, as well as social media pages, see a company that delivers on its promise of quality service and quality products. They also see a business that responds and engages with its customers, which is another signal of trust.

Online Reputation

Increase sales and revenue

A motivator for many businesses to adopt online rating management services is the potential to increase your sales and overall revenue. It can also lead to an improvement in the quality of your leads, which optimizes your team’s time when it comes to generating quotes or serving customers.
How reputation management services increase your company’s profits? Some ways:

Testimonials: By reaching out to past customers – we only connect with customers who have provided their email address and opted in to correspondence – we build your number of testimonials, which you can use on your website as a signal of confidence.
Reviews: We also provide those customers with the opportunity to share their review on your designated social media pages. This extra step allows you to improve your social media pages as well as your social media strategy.
Feedback: Our strategists also optimize and manage feedback on your service. By learning what users like and like about your products or services, you can take a proactive approach and improve your company. This leads to more testimonials, which can influence users’ purchasing decisions.
USP: While your company may earn a high ranking on the first page of search results due to its SEO strategy, it is likely that consumers will compare several businesses. With a variety of testimonials, you can outperform your competition to earn more sales.

Online reputation management is important

More than 90% of people do online research before buying a product from sites they have never used before. It is very clear that if your online reputation is damaged by negative reviews, sales will also drop. Because people will lose faith in the services or products you offer. In short, a negative reputation will damage the image of your website, domestically or internationally.

On the other hand, removing those negative reviews, taking steps to optimize your problems, investigating what people don’t like, and starting to plug those holes will result in great success for your business. This is how you get new customers, this is how you increase sales.

Today, what matters is reputation. They say that many other phones can be better than the iPhone, but what people know as #1 is the iPhone. It has been the leader of the phone industry for years because of the brand image that Apple has built. This is what we aim for in your business. The strategy will be the same!

If people will see two products listed even on the same website, the product with the best reviews will have a 90% more chance of selling even if it is cheaper. That’s how important online reputation is.

Positivity in negative reviews

People have always known that from bad days you learn, and from learning, we get better. Negative reviews help to understand the mistakes on your site, products and services in time and fix them as soon as possible. Sometimes it can even help people determine the cons of the product and decide which product to buy. Negative reviews can also be a source of confidence, too many positive reviews can cause a sense of doubt in buyers. Working with us, we will consider every choice an opportunity to improve!