Sherbime SEO eCommerce , Servizi SEO per l'e-commerce

e-Commerce SEO Services

Sales at New Levels – Explore and Realize the Full Potential of Your Online Store with our SEO eCommerce Services

e-Commerce SEO Services

Want to increase your online sales? Find the right solution for you here. Our eCommerce SEO services are unimaginable in Albania. With a wealth of experience working with hundreds of websites and plugins every year, we offer the expertise needed to improve your e-commerce.

Trust our eCommerce SEO experts to develop and optimize your website to increase sales of your products and services. We drive organic traffic from search engines to your site, optimizing website indexing. This will result in an increase in traffic, income and sales.

Sherbime SEO eCommerce , Servizi SEO per l'e-commerce

Work with our specialists to create and optimize your eCommerce site locally and internationally. Our experience and knowledge are key factors for the success of projects, ensuring quality results.

Don’t worry about your visitors who are not familiar with online stores. Our team has the experience to build sites that are easy to understand and manage, making online shopping a pleasant experience. Transactions are easy and 100% secure.

We focus on building trust between your site and visitors, creating a powerful connection between them. Building an outstanding online and local reputation helps your site attract new customers and increase online sales. A good reputation helps build trust, while our services make this process easy and secure.

Sherbime SEO eCommerce


With the same goal and vision as you, we aim to make your site #1 when it comes to online sales. We focus on increasing the visibility and security of your website, creating a reliable, easy and quality eCommerce platform for your visitors.

Our experience in all themes and plugins makes every transaction easy and secure. Optimizing each product category, each store item, and each page helps balance and ease navigation on your site.

Our first steps of eCommerce SEO optimization are:

  • Searching for important keywords: Keywords are what drive people the most to your website. We analyze the most important keywords from all online sources, even your competitors to ensure that when your website is published online, you rank higher than everyone else. The higher your ranking in search results, the better your sales are every day.

  • Optimizing the structure of the eCommerce platform: We make sure that every visitor who enters your online store has an easy-to-use and pleasant time searching for products and services. This is our main goal. That’s why our eCommerce SEO experts analyze all your websites to optimize the structure on each page to achieve maximum results.

  • Link Building: Focusing on making your eCommerce site more visible and creating high quality links that will redirect internet users to your site when they are browsing other sites.
    (Example: Finding eBay links on We target the right audience to help your website grow in the fastest time and become a trusted source for all buyers.

What is included in our e-Commerce SEO Services?

  • Before we engage in the development of unique content for your website, we conduct in-depth research on each potential competitor to assess how you will position yourself compared to them.

  • By carefully analyzing the market in which you will operate and studying the most important keywords, we focus on optimizing the content of your site related to your products and services.

  • We set clear goals regarding your traffic and income before we start working with your website, and after the completion of our work, we compare the results to evaluate the improvements achieved.

  • Contrary to some competitors who may use manipulative practices to increase their position in search engines, we respect SEO standards and do not overdo the use of keywords. Our mission is to provide a sustainable and ethical strategy to improve the presentation and ranking of your website.


  • Content optimization for your website is critical to our organization. For this reason, we have distinguished SEO writers who stand out for their creative skills and produce unique content.

  • Unlike some other companies, we don’t use standard templates to get the job done faster. Every piece of content we create is unparalleled and perfectly optimized for SEO and readability.

  • We rehearse to ensure the pitch is perfect for different audiences.

  • Professional optimization for speed and security on your website.
  • Implementation of support for all devices, guaranteeing full mobile support.
  • Monitoring your traffic data through powerful and accurate tools like Google Analytics.
  • Improving all your old pages to increase their visibility in search engines and increase traffic.
  • Focusing on your specific audience and creating valuable content for your products and services are key steps to achieving success.

  • This process aims to improve the positioning of your site in search results and help visitors easily find the products and services you offer.

  • To do this, we use high-quality videos and photos to make the visual content as attractive as possible. Creating professional descriptions for your products and services contributes to presenting them in a complete and convincing way.

  • This process improves user experience and helps increase trust and interactivity with your site.

  • Creating a structured and perfect Google My Business profile, tailored to help your business or website attract more local traffic and customers.
  • Optimizing your Google My Business page to make it easier to drive people to your business, including organizing contact forms to help people connect with you faster.
  • Auditing existing citations and generating new citations from reliable online sources.
  • Creating a new social account on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or upgrading existing accounts, to ensure even better results in increasing your sales.
  • Building a better online reputation through building backlinks that monitor your citations on other websites. This contributes to increasing trust and knowledge about your business.
  • Creating and sending detailed reports from Google Analytics at the end of each week or at the end of each month.
  • Prepare reports with great depth, including even the smallest details related to the performance of your eCommerce campaign and improvements to your marketing strategy.
  • Our eCommerce SEO team will carefully track all incoming calls, messages and visits.
  • Monitoring any security updates and focusing on protecting your site, analyzing potential security breach attempts or the risk of any penalties from Google that your website may face.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the main keywords, organic traffic from search engines, tracking of received calls and determining the number of visitors directed to your website through the SEO campaign.

  • The study of the main competitors in relation to the positioning of keywords in search engines.

  • Continuous focus on the analysis of the 4 most potential competitors to continue improving the SEO strategy for your site with each passing day.
Sherbimet tona SEO eCommerce , Servizi SEO per l'e-commerce

Marketing strategies in e-commerce

Do you think the content on your website is enough to cover all aspects of online marketing? You should not immediately believe those marketing managers who answer with an immediate “yes”. There is always room for improvement when it comes to online marketing and your website content.

We are a company specialized in eCommerce SEO and online marketing, and we have an unrelenting commitment to achieve our goals. Regardless of the size of your brand or business, there are no limits to online sales. This is why we always emphasize that there is always room for improvement.

Every day, there may be new visitors coming to your website and buying new products or looking for the services you offer. However, if you do not take new steps in the field of online marketing and continue to follow the same strategy, you will remain in an unchanged position over time.

Another reason why it is necessary to invest in e-commerce marketing is that if you don’t, your competitors will. No one wants to lose visitors, especially to major competitors. Because of this constant competition, it is important to have a strong marketing strategy to always stay on top.

Why Electronic Commerce?

Connecting with our eCommerce SEO consultant will help you understand all the important advantages of providing this service. In the time we live in, where technology has taken an important place, most people use smartphones and 60% of them prefer online shopping. This is a simple and quick option, without wasting time.

Buying products from online stores is very easy and simple. Individuals have the ability to view and analyze products whenever they want, and transactions are carried out securely through the banking system. Compared to getting hundreds of customers at a local store, an eCommerce website allows millions of visitors to access the same products on your site.

A significant number of active people search your website to verify the availability of the products they are interested in, before they physically go to your local store. This shows that the benefits of e-commerce services are many. The largest online companies, such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, successfully use these platforms to reach their audience and provide an improved shopping experience for consumers.

This is because people appreciate the simplicity and security that comes with shopping from e-commerce sites. The ability to search and browse many products from the comfort of home, without the need for help from others, is really great. Imagine how great it is to feel secure in every transaction you make online.

We provide the best eCommerce business website, including the best product descriptions, the best title choices, the best SEO strategies, and the best site architecture, along with many benefits of others. Our company is more than happy to provide the necessary assistance to improve the presentation and performance of your website.

Why should you work with us?

  • Quality: Look no further if you are looking for the best quality work when it comes to your website. Knowing how important your business is to you, we treat it as our own. Aim only for the best work and for the best results by giving our best every time. No matter how much work is required, we guarantee maximum quality.

  • Competition Destroyers: The most important thing for any business and website is to be on top and stay on top. That’s what we do, we analyze all your competitors and do keyword research to use later to your advantage. Analyzing your competitor’s site for any weaknesses and implementing them on your improved site to take advantage.

  • Best Prices: Whether you own a small eCommerce website or a large one, our prices are affordable for all our customers. Our company’s goal is to help all our clients reach their full potential online with e-commerce sites without massively impacting their budget. Having the most competitive prices in the development of eCommerce sites, is the best solution for every store, merchant, or buyer!