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Fast PMS - Hotel Management system

Take bookings from the website avoiding commissions, manage rooms and synchronize bookings with all hotel platforms in one place. Take your Hotel Management to another level.

Hotel Management Platform to Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Introducing an innovative and necessary digital product for the hotel accommodation industry. Our Hotel Management Platform is an advanced PMS (Property Management System), which offers a wide set of features to improve the operation of your hotels. Using the latest technology and considering the needs of modern hoteliers, we have created a complete solution for managing your hotel.

Main Features:

  1. Synchronization of Rooms with Different Channels: Our platform integrates with popular room sales channels such as Booking, Airbnb, Expedia and many others. This automatic synchronization of rooms allows you to manage availability and prices on all platforms in one place. You will avoid double-booking problems and increase the exposure of your hotel in the travel market.

  2. Reservation Management: Our PMS provides a simple and intuitive interface for reservation management. You can accept, modify and cancel reservations easily and quickly. Also, you can view booking history and create custom reports to analyze your performance.

  3. Payment and Invoicing System: Through our platform, you can accept online payments from your customers and create automated electronic invoices. This process makes financial management of your hotel easier and reduces possible invoicing errors.

  4. Reporting and analysis: Our platform provides detailed reporting and in-depth analysis of your hotel’s performance. You can see detailed statistics on room occupancy, revenue and other key metrics. This information helps you understand market trends and make strategic decisions to improve your hotel’s profitability.

  5. Communication and Notification System: Through our PMS, you can communicate with your customers through personalized emails and automated notifications. This allows you to provide more personalized services and improve the customer experience.

Sales of Rooms via the Hotel's Official Website

In addition to synchronizing with different booking channels, our Hotel Management platform also offers the possibility of direct sale of rooms through the official website of your hotel. This additional functionality brings many advantages to hoteliers, avoiding third-party platform commissions and improving profitability.

  1. Online Reservation System: Our PMS integrates with your official hotel website and offers an advanced online reservation engine. Their customers can browse rooms, check availability and make reservations directly from your website. This serves as an added sales channel that allows you to receive bookings directly from your customers without the intervention of third-party platforms.

  2. Full Control of Rates and Cancellation Policies: By using our platform, you have full control over room rates and cancellation policies. You can define your preferred rates, special offers and cancellation conditions in accordance with your business strategy. This gives you the flexibility to adjust prices and policies according to market requirements and competition.

  3. Branding and Identity Protection: By selling rooms through your official website, you create a strong brand and create a unique identity for your hotel. Customers who book directly with you benefit from a more personalized experience and the sense of security to provide their details directly on your official website. This helps increase the trust and loyalty of your customers.

  4. Increase Profitability and Avoid Commissions: By using our platform for selling rooms through the official website, you avoid the commissions of third-party platforms and increase the profitability of your hotel. All revenue from direct bookings goes towards your hotel, allowing you to keep more profits and invest in further business development.
Hotel Management , Gestione alberghiera