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Google Ads management

Google Ads management gives you the desired exposure for your business. In the field of professional marketing, there is no room for error!

Marketing Management through Google Ads in Albania

Have you ever wondered what it takes to develop and run a successful Google Ads advertising campaign? Well, we have a short answer for you that includes all the possible advantages. Every successful campaign is always associated with excellent management. Building your campaign from scratch can be a difficult challenge to do alone, without the help of advertising experts who can help you identify the weak points and strengths of your strategy. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

Menaxhim Google Ads

With our expertise and general knowledge, we offer the best services for Google Ads management. With a dedicated manager, you can refine your strategy, choose the best keywords, have a dedicated team working on your campaign, and reach the maximum audience based on strategies that serve business value your

If we talk about the management of marketing campaigns, often even the largest enterprises encounter difficulties in finding the right person based on the results they expect. That’s why we use our experience, allowing our clients to focus on their business, while we expand their online presence, build better brand authority and develop a successful Google advertising campaign for business Theirs. However, a successful campaign is not just about running ads and choosing the best keywords.

Analyzing your Google Analytics and finding the best performance factors takes hours and days of work focusing on your digital marketing strategies. We use our knowledge to ensure you have a solid look at your performance and make better future decisions for your business, using the accurate reports we can generate during a successful online campaign.

Managing Google Ads
  1. Structure is vital: First improvements should always start with organization and structure. Through innovative design and well-constructed headings, descriptions and a cohesive structure you create the first chances for improvements. Users want to see innovation, to see what they can’t find anywhere else, to learn that what you offer is unique, something special, and this will lead them to click, view, or buy from you.

  2. Professional planning: While we choose your Google Ads account, implementing bids is simple, but managing them is the real work. Knowing exactly how to take care of your positioning while increasing your quality score and return on investment is an essential task. With our help, you learn better how your money is spent on advertising and how you are getting the most of your investment while helping you decide to invest in the best possible offers.

  3. Learn About Your Competition: The digital world has grown so much over the past few years. There is a competitor for almost everything online. If you want to start your own Google Ads campaign, you should always let our experts investigate your main competition, learn about their marketing strategies, keywords and their target audience. This way we are able to create a new plan for your business, adapt new solutions and learn from your competition. If we see any successful ads from your competition, we will make the most of them without making it a copy and use it to your marketing advantage.

Managing Google Ads: Improvement
  1. Remarketing Optimization: Better than anyone, our team knows that no matter how many people your ads reach or how many clicks your ad gets, there’s no chance you’ll get 100% conversions from all of them. With our marketing solutions, we can understand specific actions taken on your website by visitors and create new results based on the preferences of specific audiences.

  2. Google Display Ads Enhancement: While your target audience is visiting their favorite websites, your promotional offers and ads will appear on their screens. It’s a great solution to increase your brand awareness, get customers to learn about your products, and present the edge of your business’s sales funnel.

  3. Linking with different marketing platforms: Once we reach the goals and maximize the potential of your Google advertising campaign, we look for more opportunities by linking your business with different platforms or advertising solutions. Bing is one of the leading marketplaces in the US, alongside Facebook and Instagram. Improving your presence on other platforms along with Google will absolutely maximize your exposure bigger, better and more effectively than ever before. As long as you want to reach your audience online, we need to take care of all platforms, all solutions and target a larger audience on different platforms.

Optimizing Your Google Sales Campaign

What if we told you that you can reach your desired audience through different spots of the world and sell your products faster and easier than ever before with our Google Ads campaign management help. For every targeted keyword query from users, the services and products your business offers will appear at the top of the search results. This attitude maximizes opportunities to increase sales and raise the priority of your business in the competition.

Users can find your products easily, thus avoiding difficult searches on different websites. Even if the competitor’s website is well optimized, showing your site in the top search results increases the chances of getting a new visit, owning 90% of the opportunities from each search result.

If you are involved in Google advertising and marketing for the first time, our agency is able to develop, direct and manage your campaign, creating a new e-commerce experience for your business. By using innovative solutions for your customers and choosing the best keywords, we aim to reach a wider audience through search engines and Google display services.